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Jericoacoara is a National Park located 300 km west of Fortaleza. It brings together a set of natural beauties creating a unique place.

Jeri is an unusual place compared to the modern world of big cities, with times, traffic jams and queues ... The streets are covered with sand and the beaches stretch for miles without visual interference ... Everything has a touch slower and more relaxed.
You can find in Jeri from massages to delicious dinners, from quiet bars to houses with live music, as well as excellent hotels.
The city became famous for being one of the most beautiful and longest beaches in the world, surrounded by dunes and freshwater lagoons - taking people from all over the world to its shores. Due to construction restrictions and environmental protection laws, Jericoacoara has grown in a positive way. Businessmen committed to protecting the beauty and simplicity of Jeri, have created small and cozy inns that offer charm and sophistication without grandiosity or extravagances.
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Main tourist attractions
An enormous stone arch carved by the action of the waves, which is located in the Rocky region of Jericoacoara. This stretch of beach begins after Praia da Malhada, the first beach east of the village, already outside the cove.
Besides the famous Pedra Furada, there are a multitude of other stones with curious shapes, besides the Caves and Natural Pools. The walk through the rocky region is a must-see, but it must be done at low tide, since during the high tide there is no passage, because the sea slopes in Serrote, a mountain range of about 100 mts. sand and covered by undergrowth.

It is a short beach with waves, being much sought after for surfing and windsurfing in the waves. The Rocky Region extends to about 2 km of coastline, ending at Pedra do Frade.

This headlamp is a modern electronic equipment that dispenses operators: it is powered by solar energy, and even the operation of exchanging burned out lamps is automatic. Each beacon cycle lasts 10 seconds, with 2 lights lit and 8 lit. The lighthouse is the best place to watch the sunrise and the moon as it offers the best view of the sea to the east.

Jericoacoara has a privileged geographic location, having sea both to the east and the west, being therefore one of the few places of continental Brazil where it is possible to see sunrise and the sunset in the sea, the same thing happens with the sunrise and the sunset, from the moon.
To see the sunset, the most sought-after spot is a gigantic dune located on the west side of the Village, known as the famous Dune of Sunset. It is already tradition in Jericoacoara, to happen a roda of Capoeira in the beach, every day after the sunset.

A small village in the middle of the dunes, with a small pond of fresh water. Continuing along the beach, you arrive at Guriú, a fishing community, which marks the western boundary of the APA. In Guriú, there is a ferry crossing, where several buggys are passed daily to Tatajuba.

Lagoon of Paradise
The Paradise Lagoon, which is in the municipality of Jijoca, is possibly the one with the most beautiful coloration. Light blue and dark blue blend, providing a spectacle to the eyes and delighting those who choose this lagoon to rest. The nets within the water are tradition for anyone visiting the place.

Jericoacoara Beach
The closest to the village and easier access. It has a great strip of sand and, at low tide, mainly, it is very calm. The beach infrastructure is good and there are several bars and restaurants.

Lagoa do Coração
The Lagoa do Coração is small, little known and has no structure for anyone who visits it. It is ideal for those who want to stay away from everything and everyone, enjoying the dunes and silence. Some people say that the place is not very suitable for bathing because the water stays on.
Main tourist attractions
Adventure, beach and ecotourism. This is the Emotions Route that involves natural paradises such as the Environmental Protection Area of ​​the Parnaíba Delta (PI); the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park (MA); and the National Park of Jericoacoara (CE).

The good winds bring sportsmen from all over the world to Jericoacoara and Prea. The good winds and the geographical conditions of the place are the most sought after for the practice of windsurfing and kitesurfing, besides other sports that need the wind to increase the emotion.
Jericoacoara has large dunes and outdoor spaces for the delight of the fans of this modality, the dunes of great height are local.

We already know that Jericoacoara is a paradisiac place with many important tourist points that we can not fail to know, for the happiness of the tourists, the main points of the region are very close to each other, some places are great to enjoy and get to know them along with a pleasant walk, is the case of one of the most famous postcards of Ceará "A Pedra Furada", a beautiful work of the action of the winds, the sea and time.

Dry Mangrove and Seahorse Nursery
On the western side of the Jericoacoara National Park, in the mangrove formed by the sea and the Guriú River, there is a very well preserved population of the most mythological fish of the oceans, the seahorse.

A stroll through the arts
Jeri's cultural diversity has great expression in his arts. The work of artisans, goldsmiths and plastic artists is authentic and scattered throughout its streets and alleys.

Craft Center
Ample place where courses are carried out and commercialized products of clothing, beachwear, accessories and decoration.

On the way from Jijoca to Jericoacoara (about 25km), you will experience your first tour, as the village of Jericoacoara is located inside the National Park where road construction is not allowed. In this section made in 4x4 vehicles you can appreciate a little of the extensive beauty of the place.

Another more ecological option is the ride of Horse to dry mangrove to know with calm the beauties of the landscape. Way to Tatajuba do not forget to know the stronghold of seahorses.
Average temperature: 29ºC - 35ºC.
Average water temperature: 27ºC.
Months with stronger wind: from July to December, with winds up to 40 knots in the months of August and September.
The rainy season goes from February to May.
Jericoacoara surprises tourists with the quality of service and its products. The evolution of gastronomy in Jericoacoara in recent years is due to a number of factors. Menu with exotic and original dishes have won the liking of tourists from all over the world. Among the different options are: Mediterranean cuisine, churrasqueria, pizzeria, regional cuisine, French, Italian, Indian-vegetarian, Japanese Sushi Bar, coffee shop, creperie, artisanal ice cream, breweries, seafood restaurants.
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