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Vietnam officially, Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a country located in the east of the peninsula of Indochina, in Southeast Asia. The country borders the People's Republic of China to the north, Laos and Cambodia to the west, the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest, and the east and south to the South China Sea, where there are more than 4,000 islands and reefs near and far of the coast, many of which are claimed by Vietnam, and are still in dispute with other countries, such as Taiwan, China, Malaysia and the Philippines.

After the victory of Vietnam from the North over South Vietnam, represented by the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam on April 30, 1975, the country became the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
Travel documentation
Visa required.
For tourism stays with a duration of 30 days or less, you only need an "e-visa", approved and issued online by the immigration services.
EU citizens wishing to travel to Vietnam should be holders of a passport with a minimum period of validity of at least 6 months when they enter the country.
Official language
Local Currency
but also accept the dollar.
There are few adjectives capable of describing the fascination of a trip to Vietnam. Wonderful country, offers places such as the mystical Halong Bay, the delicious chaos of Hanoi and Saigon, the picturesque Hoi An, coastal villages such as Nha Trang or Mui Ne, the mountains of Dalat and Sapa, with their ethnic minorities, the rurality of Ninh Binh, the old imperial capital of Hue, the Mekong Delta and its floating markets.

Halong Bay is a stunning place in the north of Vietnam, located just a few hours drive from the bustle of Hanoi. Welcome to the gray and mysterious colors of the charming Halong Bay, the biggest attraction of Vietnamese tourism.

In the mountains in northwestern Vietnam, Sapa region, travelers can find small villages inhabited by ethnic minorities such as H'mong, Dao and Zai, among others. It is a beautiful area but where tourism is causing great changes in the population: genuine hospitality is giving way to aggressive merchants, on the threshold of begging. The contradictions of the effects of tourism in Vietnam.

The coastal center of Vietnam is an incredible region. From the picturesque atmosphere of Hoi An to the tropical beauty of Mui Ne, with its cozy bungalows and modern hotels. From historic Hue to the crowded beaches and crazy nights of Nha Trang, there are environments to please any traveler. Note: Nha Trang, Hoi An, Mui Ne!

Everyday life on the banks of the Mekong Delta, the bustle of a crowded floating market and a village built on stakes over water - images of a region that depends entirely on a river: the Mekong in southern Vietnam. It is hard to believe that Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) is so close.
The gastronomy of Vietnam is one of the most interesting you can find in Southeast Asia. Among the typical dishes of Vietnamese gastronomy are several in which the basic ingredients are the meat, the spices, the sauces and of course the fish.

The typical dishes of Vietnamese cuisine have high doses of fish sauce and soy sauce and other sauces, such as hoisin sauce, one of the most peculiar of this Asian country. In addition, vegetables, spices and fruits stand out as part of Vietnamese cuisine.

So if you decide to go to a restaurant in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, or any other city in Vietnam, you should know that they are restaurants in which the pork, beef, lamb, seafood and fresh fish .. are an ingredient in any dish in the region. Accompanied by its various sauces and spices and various vegetables.

With regard to dessert, it stands out the tropical fruits.

If you travel to Vietnam, to one of the country's major cities, such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Ming, you can find restaurants of other international cuisines, mainly European cuisines, which are usually found in restaurants in several hotels.
The climate of Vietnam is tropical and has a strong monsoon influence. It is a country with high humidity and high rainfall. The best time to visit is the winter weather, when the heat and humidity are less aggressive, and enjoy better conditions and temperatures.

To travel to Vietnam, there are no better or worse seasons, since by its geographical location and its extension, it has a variety of climates, at any time of the year. The summer here is from May to September, and it is typical at that time to have temperatures, high humidity and frequent rains. In the north, the climate is rainy, wet summers and dry winters, while in the south, temperatures are higher than in the north, with the hottest peak between February and May.
Taking into account the occurrence of robberies to foreigners, especially by stretching, it is considered appropriate to avoid walking with the passport, suggesting that the traveler circulate only with a photocopy of it for identification purposes. In public transport, tuk tuks and motorbike taxis, care should be taken with personal property, suggesting the use of hotel coffers to leave valuables.

Vietnamese legislation is particularly severe in relation to drug trafficking, including the death penalty. It is also severe regarding the transport of certain medications.
Health system
Sanitary Network: Outside large urban centers is not satisfactory.

The occurrence of cases of people infected with bird flu does not appear to be alarming up to now. General precautions are recommended such as avoiding contact with the birds or ingestion of poorly cooked meat from them.

Insurance: It is advisable to subscribe to good health insurance.
Electricity and Telecommunications
Electricity is 220V and 50Hz.
It is advisable to have a universal adapter kit for the sockets.

The telephone network outside the capital is not efficient.
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