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Delhi is a metropolitan region of India. With a population of 22 million, it is the second most populous city and the largest city in India in terms of area.

A territory of the union, Delhi's NCT political administration today more closely resembles that of a state of India, with its own legislature, high court, and an executive council of ministers headed by a chief minister. New Delhi is jointly administered by the federal government of India and the local government of Delhi, and is the capital of NCT Delhi.

Delhi has been continuously inhabited since the 6th century BC For most of its history, Delhi has served as the capital of various kingdoms and empires. It has been looted and rebuilt several times, particularly during the medieval period, and modern Delhi is a cluster of cities scattered throughout the metropolitan region. This is why Delhi is sometimes called the city of cities.
DELHI is the center of the country, a bustling international metropolis that attracts people from all over India and the world. However, hidden in the suburbs and modern developments of Delhi are tombs, temples and ruins that date back centuries; In some places, the remains of entire cities from the distant past nestle between houses and highways built over the past two decades. The result is a city full of fascinating nooks and crannies that you could spend weeks or months exploring.

There are hotels in all price ranges that specifically cater to foreign tourists.

Far beyond its historical treasures, Delhi boasts a host of museums and treasures of art, cultural performances and craftsmanship that showcase the country's diverse heritage. The city's booming nightlife boasts designer bars, chic cafes and decent clubs. Its auditoriums feature a wide range of national music and dance events, attracting the rich classical traditions of India. The new theaters feature the latest offerings from both Hollywood and Bollywood, while their theaters feature performances in Hindi and English.
There is no such thing as typical Delhi kitchens. This is because there is no specific identity of the city. Over time, people from different areas of India arrived and settled, which made Delhi a variety of classes. Slowly and gradually, Delhi assumed some aspects of the identity of all types of people living in it, creating multiple identities for itself. As a result, even traditional New Delhi food is not distinctive. It consists of South Indian food, Punjabi food, Gujarati food, Rajasthani food and so on. However, there are certain foods for which Delhi is quite famous.

For example, the Chandni Chowk area of ​​the city has the most delicious paranthas (a kind of bread). In fact, the whole area of ​​Old Delhi is famous for the local cuisine of Delhi. Then there is the Bengali Market in New Delhi, which is very popular for Chaat Papri, Golgappas, Sweets, etc. Delhi is also very popular for its roadside vendors who serve excellent local cuisine. However, before eating, make sure the place is clean, clean and hygienic. All said and done, one cannot fully explain the palatability of these dishes. You have to come to the capital city of Delhi and enjoy its delicious delicacies.
Delhi features an atypical version of the humid subtropical climate (Köppen Cwa). The warm season lasts from April 9 to July 8, with a daily high average temperature above 36 ° C (97 ° F). The warmest day of the year is May 22, with an average high of 38 ° C (100 ° F) and a low of 25 ° C (77 ° F). The cold season lasts from December 11th to February 11th with a high daily average below 18 ° C (64 ° F). In early March, the wind direction changes from northwest to south. From March to May, the weather is warm. The monsoons arrive in late June, along with rising humidity. The brief, mild winter begins in late November, January peaks and heavy fog often occur.
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