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El Calafate - Perito Moreno Glacier
Towards the south, the Andes cover themselves in white in extensive ice fields or overflowing glaciers. The Perito Moreno Glacier is the best known scenario.

In the Patagonian plateau, at the foot of the Andes, El Calafate, a small town located in the province of Santa Cruz, near the border with Chile with approximately 5,500 inhabitants, is the starting point to visit the Glacier National Park and all its attractions, such as the incredible variety of fauna and flora and the vestiges of indigenous cultures.

Landscapes, infrastructure and climate: everything is combined so that the stay of the visitors is pleasant. Whatever the purpose the tourist pursues in these lands, the options are endless and each has a particular attraction. Go through the National Park, navigate Lake Argentino and approach the imposing ice wall of the glaciers. Go on a horseback ride through the woods, go through some of the resorts and eat a typical Patagonian lamb or freshly caught trout.
Walk the streets of the village in search of some gift or memory. Finish the day at some disco or pub. Or simply look for a secluded spot overlooking the lake to sit and breathe clean, penetrating air, and think only of the immensity that surrounds it.
Due to the existence of large lakes Argentino and Viedma, and to its strategic location, the city of El Calafate is the focal point of tourism in the region, inside and outside the Los Glaciares National Park.

In the area of ​​the national park are made excursions to the glaciers of the Glacier National Park, including the Perito Moreno that is in the vertical position being the main attraction, the mini-trekking in the own glacier, the channel of navigation of Lake Argentino being able to visit the Bay Onelli and the gigantic Upsala, Spegazzini and Onelli glaciers among others.

The intendant of the National Park is located in the city of El Calafate.

In the immediate vicinity of Lago Argentino you can organize a variety of activities, especially leisure visits, 4x4 for the hills and Huyliche Frias, horseback riding, hiking in the Nimez Lagoon Ecological Reserve and Roca Lake.

In 2011 it was inaugurated in a glacier interpretation center, 5 km west of the urban area of ​​El Calafate.
The weather in El Calafate is cold and dry. Average temperatures in summer (January and February) reach a maximum average of 18 ° C, while in winter (June and July) it can sometimes reach -2 ° C. The rains are scarce and irregular, without reaching 300 mm per year.
The Andes Mountains are dyed white as the first snow falls during the month of June and usually extends until October. Given the proximity between the city and the mountain range, there are often moderate winds. The weather conditions in El Calafate are variable. This implies that the day may dawn cloudy and windy, but in a few hours the sky can lighten and the wind diminish. Some days it snows in the morning and the sun rises in the afternoon.
The sun is very strong in this part of the planet. Although they are not noticeable by the temperature, the rays are very strong, which is why we suggest you include sunscreen, hats and sunglasses in your luggage.
The gastronomy of El Calafate has the unmistakable flavor of Patagonia, but its cuisine differs greatly from the coastal and central zones of Argentina and is appreciated by all visitors. Its natural products, especially fish, have a high quality due to little human intervention in the nearby rivers and lakes.
The Europeans brought with them their deer and boar recipes and had the pleasure of finding these animals in Patagonia.
One of the stars of gastronomy in El Calafate is the Patagonian lamb, light, soft, almost melting in the mouth, and very fresh.
Besides the lamb, the Argentine meats are really very good, the Argentine cut is different, making it very tasty.
There is nothing better than to spoil yourself with a roasted lamb and a glass of wine in a cozy rustic hut.
During your visit you must try the trout, considered a delicacy by its soft and rosy meat, besides not forgetting to eat some product made with the fruit of caulk, such as jams, jellies or liqueurs.
Official currency
Argentinian peso
Official language
Documentation required
Citizens of border countries (Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil) only need the national identity document to enter the country.
Visa requirements for the rest of the world depend on each country in particular. It is suggested that you consult the consulate or embassy of the Argentine Republic of each country to know the requirement or not of them.
Health care
The following recommendations are for short trips, originating in North America or Europe and limited to Buenos Aires.

All travelers should visit either their personal physician or a travel health clinic for 4-8 weeks prior to departure.

Vaccination is advisable in the following cases:

hepatitis A - Recommended for all travelers

Typhoid - For travelers who can eat or drink great restaurants and hotels outside.

Measles, and Rubella - Two doses recommended for all travelers born after 1956, if not previously given.

Tetanus-diphtheria - The recommended revaccination every 10 years
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